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One reason I love Church
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Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. (Proverbs 4:23 NLT)

If we will produce maximum results from our lives, we have to be those who understand that we are designed to influence our world much more than our world influences us. We are not denying that our world will have an influence on us, but the challenge is to be more determined to ensure that the influence that you have on your world is greater than the influence that your world has on you!

As a christian who now has Christ on the inside of you…you literally have THE creative force of life on the inside of you. John 1:3 NLT says God created everything through HIM (the Word) and nothing was created except through him. So if you have the Word on the inside of you, you have the very creative force of life inside of you…and the challenge of living a fruitful life is that of ensuring that the created things on the outside do not enter in to crowd or drown the creative force of life in you! That was the problem with the thorny ground person described by Jesus in Mark 4.


One of the reasons I love Church (I can at least speak for my Church) is that it is a place where there is a high concentration of the power that reinforces and helps us build up our confidence (faith) in the Word, the creative force of life, Jesus…so much so that external influences don’t stand a chance in altering my God given destiny as described by the Word, the creative force of life! Nothing on the outside should be allowed to alter your destiny as described by Jesus!

A good church will help you deal with the challenge of living by helping you ensure that the reality of Word (Jesus) on inside is greater than the reality of the things we see in our World.

Get connected to a good church!

Grace be with you.

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When life is meaningful…
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Ecclesiastes 1:2 “Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher. “Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.”

Those were the words of a man who had experienced so much of life. He had much to say about wisdom, education, pleasure, happiness, influence, power…all the things which we might consider important in life. However in spite of his vast experience of life, he still comes to the conclusion that it is all meaningless!

Most people who have been through a few things in life often reach the same conclusion. Whilst there is a significant amount of truth in the sentiment expressed by the writer of Ecclesiastes, the whole truth is that life is full of meaning when we are connected to the right purpose. Jesus is the purpose for life. With the purpose of Jesus in the mix, everything makes sense! 

2 Corinthians 5:18 tells us that Jesus came to reconcile man to God. That was His purpose. The same scripture also tells us that God has also given us the same ministry of reconciliation. This is a ministry that seeks to cause man to live like God intended for him to live, in this life and more importantly in the after life! Life only ever makes sense if: 1. we are reconciled to God through Jesus, 2. we are in the business of reconciling others to God through Jesus. I struggle to find meaning in anything that is not connected to the above.

If I ever find myself struggling with walking in faith on a day to day basis, I have found that refocusing on the awesome ministry of reconciliation stirs me up again! Faith for divine health becomes non-negotiable because I’m not as useful to the ministry of reconciliation if I can barely get around. Faith for prosperity in every area of my life becomes non-negotiable not only because Jesus paid the price so that I can experience the blessing in this life, but because my prosperity is a tool for the ministry of reconciliation. 

The ministry of reconciliation is an eternal purpose. If God’s eternal purpose is the reason for our lives, there is nothing that will be big enough to keep us down. A man/woman, a business, a family that is driven by God’s eternal purpose is unstoppable. If the eternal purpose of God is the reason for our life, we will always have a reason to charge life with everything! 

Show me a man or woman who thinks life is meaningless and I’ll show you a man or woman who has not encountered God’s eternal purpose through Jesus. Show me a christian who is full of dissension, who likes to gossip, who is faithless, and i’ll show you a christian who is not focused on God’s eternal purpose. 

When we focus on Jesus and His eternal purpose, He breathes life into every aspect of our life. If you feel like giving up, refocus on the ministry of reconciliation. Connect to the ministry of reconciliation. In this eternal purpose alone do we find true life Satisfaction! 

Get intoxicated with His purpose!  

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