Bitterness doesn’t suit you

I’ll be honest with you. I have been bitter about so much. But in recent years I discovered that there is only one true remedy for avoiding bitterness.

FaceTime with Him

Every thing good which we’ll ever need as an human being, physical, emotional, social, financial, and mentally is found in God. The reason we experience lack is a disconnection from God, the source of provision. We experience death because of a disconnection from God who is life. This disconnection happened in Adam. The moment he…

A miracle in the mundane

We don’t always get spectacular, miraculous moments. But we ALWAYS get the mundane! Sleep, eat, rave repeat…in a loop. Most of us are are not often thankful for the mundane routines of life because it’s mundane! Truth is you don’t always need a miracle and a spectacle to change your future because most times everything…

Clean hands. Pure hearts.

There are heights God and in life that are reserved for those dedicated to keeping their hands clean and hearts pure.

Getting past that overwhelming feeling

God does not promise to cause you to skip any season of your life, however overwhelming it is. But He promises to instruct, teach and guide you through every season!

Sometimes, stop & weep

We deal with all kinds of things that keep us awake early in the morning. Some are important, truthfully, some are absolute trash. But in all these things. I pray we learn to stop, and weep with those who weep. And rejoice with those who rejoice.

Choosing your hiding place

In fact the place or person you consistently run to for shelter when you are under pressure eventually begins to exercise Godlike power over you.

When the promise doesn’t make sense

If you’re like me, trying to live a life of faith in God through Jesus, there will be seasons of great contradictions. Living a life of faith is simply living a life that is directed and influenced by the Words of a living God, captured in scripture. Living a life of faith is choosing to…

Dating is Not Marriage 

So I’ve had a few conversations about the above statement I made in different places including my local church. I’ve had a few queries about what I mean, so I thought to just write about it. I haven’t even tried to make this a theological discourse per say even though we could go there.  But…