Life is a journey. Life is a path that we walk, it has twists, turns, surprises, sceneries, experiences…that’s life.

In my travels driving around the United Kingdom with the gospel, one of the journeys I find most fascinating is driving to wales, because you come across, some places on the road that are wide, and well lit up. But you also come across some dingy places. I remember stopping for petrol one or two times somewhere in one dark valley that I felt, this might be where I die…it just like some something out of a horror movie!

As you journey through life, you will often find yourself in a twist or a turn or a dingy valley. Please don’t write yourself off. Life is a journey! This is not your final stop! If you are still breathing please know that you have hope!

But the thing that determines whether or not we end up at the intended destination, glory or manifested goodness, depends so much on our choices.

So I want to present you with certain choices that those of us (that’s all of us) with a glorious destiny have to make as we journey through life.

  1. Choose to believe that God is with you ALWAYS.

God’s proximity to you is the reason His glory will be seen on you. Even if you are in the deepest darkest pit of your life, please know that God is with you, and because He is with you, HIS GLORY WILL BE SEEN ON YOU.

In Romans 6, the bible says that Jesus was raised from the dead by the glory of God. The glory of God was present with Jesus even in the grave because God was present with Him, even in the grave!

God is with you everywhere, and His glory with produce glory in your life.

The moment we start to doubt God’s abiding presence with us, fig leaves start to look like a good option for that nakedness we feel! Fake answers start to look real.

God is with you, always, when you feel it and when you don’t. When you are behaving yourself and when you’re not. It is not me that determines if God is with you. It is not the Pastor, the deacon or the brethren that determines if God is with you…HE HIMSELF HAS SAID, I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU!

If you will stay on the path to your glorious destiny, choose to believe that your destiny is glorious because your closest life companion is GLORIOUS!

When Jesus was leaving in Matthew 28, the last words he said to us was Lo, I am with you. What differenc do you think it would make in your life, if you chose to truly believe that God is with you?

I will share 2 others important choices with you this week. Look out for those!