Bitterness is poisonous for your life. It sometimes sounds naive to believe the best in people at all times. With every opportunity you get.

But this is not just a nice thing to do, it is an essential thing to do. Bitterness is what happens when you reach a negative conclusion about someone’s actions and even their motives.

Bitterness is what happens when we allow the thing we perceive to be wrong on the outside to sip into your soul.

Bitterness in our hearts is the product of letting certain thoughts about another person go unchecked in your heart.

Bitterness is evidence that the thoughts you’ve been entertaining about an event, a person or a situation have been processed wrongly in your heart.

Bitterness is visible in your words, posture and attitude. Bitterness will destroy you and attempt to infect everything you’re involved in.

When your heart is bitter, you become bitter. When you are bitter, you become like a capsule of poison. You change every atmosphere you step into.

Like a capsule dropped in water, it’s only a matter of time before the bitterness inside sips out and changes the taste and feel of your environment.

Bitterness will eventually isolate you. Non of us are maximised in isolation.

I’ll be honest with you. I have been bitter about so much. But in recent years I discovered that there is only one true remedy for avoiding bitterness. It’s choosing to believe the best in people and in all circumstances even when you have good reason to believe the worst.

You’re not naive to see the worst and believe the best so strongly, that your response is more in line with the best you choose to believe than the worst that you saw.

You are too beautiful to be bitter. Bitterness doesn’t suit you my friend. Don’t entertain it.