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Ultimately, strength is found in Christ. We are strong in Him. Here are some practical ways to find the strength available Him.

1. The Bible: when I read the bible, I see so many people who have endured worse things than me! I find strength in bible accounts. Sometimes I find strength in remembering that no matter how tough things get in life/ministry, 40 men have not vowed to go on a hunger strike until they kill me! The did that to a guy called Paul in the bible.

2. Remembering: when you take time to remember where you came from, you will find strength in seeing how far God has brought you. You won’t be the first person He abandons! You might even find that your current challenge is evidence that you’ve been promoted!

3. A good preacher: I know I’m biased here, but I believe in good bible preaching! I’m not talking about hype, I’m talking about a preacher who is more confident in God’s Word than they are in your problems. When you subject yourself to the foolishness of preaching, you will find strength!

4. Good friends: God is so gracious that He will never leave you without encouragement from people. A tweet, a conversation, a video, a smile, an acknowledgement…open yourself up to finding strength anywhere!

There’s more ways, but I’d like to hear it from you. Where do you find strength? Comment below!