I believe but nothing is happening! 

One of the common frustrations that those who believe in the promises found in the scriptures is the distance that sometimes exist between believing the promise of God & experiencing the manifestation of the promise.

The integrity of a decision to start off a journey in faith is often questioned as time goes on. Particularly when expectations have not been met in the expected time frame.

But faith alone is not enough to experience the promise. Check out this scripture below: IMG_6789-0
When we have faith without patience, we are more likely to to abort the process…whilst the miracle is cooking!

It’s great that you believe God can heal, provide or intervene in your nation. But now it’s time for patience. After doing all you know to do, it’s time to stand.

Patience is standing firm on what you believe even with contradicting evidence.

Patience is the process by which the quality of your faith is tested.

The Contradicting circumstances you experience after declaring what you believe does not come to prove to you that God lied. The enemy knows that God does not lie. The contradictions to what we believe come to ask us: “what do you really believe?”

They come to ask, “do you really believe God heals, cares, provides, intervenes on your behalf?”

The path from Faith in God to experiencing the promise, is littered with questions like “can I survive this” “can you handle that challenge”” will I ever come out of this mess” “will I ever love again”” will I ever be free from this debt/addiction/depression/illness””will this bill ever be paid”

But real question they are all asking of those who begin a journey of faith is …”WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE”.

Faith is not just positive thinking. Faith is a quality decision we make concerning God, after having received a revelation of Him. Without faith it is impossible to please God or obtain what He has graciously reserved for us in Christ.

Patience is not just waiting around hoping that your positive thought will call up your lottery number today. Patience is the ability to consistently reaffirm your faith in God, even in the face of contradictions. 

I’m praying for you who believes but haven’t seen the manifestation. I’m praying that you will have the courage to add patience to your faith. I pray that today you will receive strength to stand. I pray that this will be the season when you breakthrough.

God is good. He is sovereign. He is all knowing. God did not lie to you.

Faith + Patience = His promise.


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