The “baddest” campaign ever!! 

When person becomes a follower of Jesus, a Christian, they receive the awesome privilege of joining the biggest,”baddest”, most daring campaign orchestrated by God; the most awesome being in existence!

This campaign is to literally take over the World in every sense of the word. In His Kingdom, ruled by Jesus, there will be no more death, no more sorrow, no more tears!

I find 2 things awesome and fascinating about this campaign:

– It’s not something He’s just going to do in the future, right now God is wiping away tears, living in people, saving us from death, and taking away sorrows! It’s happening right now amongst those who have chosen to have faith in Jesus!

– What’s also awesome to me about this campaign is that with our flaws and our weaknesses, this awesome God has graciously deposited the power to make this campaign happen in people who hear about Jesus, this awesome King, and choose to put and express their confidence in Him!

In Jesus, you are literally a world changer! It is a privilege to be a part of God’s Eternal Agenda! It’s a privilege to be a part of the “baddest” campaign ever! (Of course when I say baddest, I mean “bestest” 😀)


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