Thirsty for God

Isaiah 55:1-2 “Ho! Everyone who thirsts,Come to the waters;And you who have no money,Come, buy and eat.Yes, come, buy wine and milkWithout money and without price. 
There is another way to live. There is a place where you can buy without money! There is a place where you don’t have to look for satisfaction in your wages! There is a place where you can eat what is good, where your soul can delight itself in abundance! A place where you have abundant love, abundant mercy, abundant peace. There is a place where you don’t have to depend on your own wisdom to fix your relationship…you don’t have to depend on your own bank account to finance that business…you don’t have to heal yourself! 
This place is at the waters…in Isaiah 55:1 he says come to the waters and drink. In the bible various things represent the anointing…oil, wind, fire, water etc…they are all types and shadows of the anointing, the power of God which is found only in His presence. This is where you we can buy and eat when you have no money. It is at the water where your soul can delight in abundance. In God’s presence, we literally live off Him and not ourselves. 

The only requirement for getting access to the waters is your thirst for God. 

Here are some truths about thirsting for God:

1. We are all born thirsty! The bible says that God has placed eternity in the hearts of men. Every human is thirsty for God. 

2- We can find alternatives to quench our thirst. Every one gets thirsty, but not everyone quenches their with the same substance. Those who access the power of God are those who look to quench every thirst by reaching for God. There is something about a man or a woman who is humble enough to say Lord I thirst for you! I am hungry for you! God loves a man or a woman who will long for Him as the deer longs for the waters. 

3- If you are thirsty but don’t reach for the waters you will be frustrated. I believe this is where a lot of the frustrations that Christians have comes from. We know enough not to reach for an alternative to quench our thirst. But we don’t know enough about drawing the water we need from the source. Practice the presence of God on purpose. Stay there at the waters until you no longer feel frustrated. 

Develop your thirst for God today by reaching for Him for everything, every time.  Allow yourself to become completely dependent on Him. It will require a great deal of vulnerability. But that’s good, because vulnerability is the price we have to pay for true intimacy.  



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