What the heck is the point? 

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Especially in the midst of a disappointing situation? What the heck is the point of this life? (I’m assuming that it’s ok for a preacher to say “heck” where you are…😇)

The quality of life we live depends greatly on the perspective we have and the answer we give to that question. The difference between living a joyful life and a miserable life is not really about the circumstances of life, but the perspective you have in those circumstances.

Particularly among people of faith, some see life as a place to suffer until you get to the place to enjoy. But if life was about suffering, why did Jesus pay the price for our sickness, become poor so we could be made rich? Why would he be the CHRIST…the one sent by God with the ability to heal the broken hearted, set the captives free and preach to the poor? If life was about suffering, God would never heal, comfort or save anyone! 

Others tend to see life as being about the finest things in life. But if life is about the finest things, why is it that horrible things happen to people who believe in Christ? Why will people be tortured and killed in spite of their faith in Christ? Those are not fine things! If life was about these things those who have faith in Christ will never experience bad things! 

The truth is that life is neither about suffering or enjoying the finest things in life. Life is about FAITH in Christ. Life is about believing God’s Word about your situation, BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE IN CHRIST. 

Peter and the disciples were about to go through a terrible time at the hands of the enemy. I would have wanted Jesus to pray that they wouldn’t be sifted. Instead Jesus prayed their faith will not fail. I believe He prayed that prayer because in the good times and in the bad, life is really about faith in Him. 

When you make life about suffering, you end up glorifying everything that JESUS came to save  us from, and we insult the awesome work of JESUS on the cross and you the demean the power of resurrection! 

When you make life about the finest things in life, you become susceptible to thinking that something must be wrong with you and your walk with God in the season when things are not so good in your life. People who make life about the finest things in life are often driven to do desperate things in other to look prosperous. People who make life about fine things usually end up ‘losing their faith’ in the face of the great life disasters which come to all! 
When you realise that life is about faith in Christ, you will never be bullied by the tragedies of life or tormented by the desire for things. 
Here’s what I love about making faith in Christ the essence of your life:
Faith in Christ, allows you to sleep in the storms. Faith in Christ is what makes someone like Paul be threatened by the highest authority in the land, but still He says, none of these things move me! Faith in Christ is what makes a man like Peter, in the face of execution, he was more concerned about dishonouring Jesus by dying in the same way! It is said that He asked to be crucified upside down!
Your life is not about the outcome of your situation, your life is about having faith in Christ regardless of the outcome of your situation. Faith in Christ sets you free from the fear of the worst case scenario in every circumstance. Once you’re free from the fear of the worst case scenario, the enemy cannot torment or bully you anymore! 
Faith is believing what Jesus said about your circumstances. That’s why even though our lives does not consist in the abundance of things, faith in Christ will produce things in abundance! It will produce healing in your body, finances, wisdom, favour…all the finest things in life. These this are not what life is about, they are a by product of what life is about…FAITH IN JESUS. 
“Make walking with Jesus your greatest priority and joy in life” – Dr Ramson Mumba


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  1. pmnyama12 says:

    Encouraging, thank you Sir!

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