Offence: It’s not worth it

And in the same way the ones sown upon stony ground are those who, when they hear the Word, at once receive and accept and welcome it with joy; And they have no real root in themselves, and so they endure for a little while; then when trouble or persecution arises on account of the Word, they immediately are offended (become displeased, indignant, resentful) and they stumble and fall away. (Mark 4:16, 17 AMP)

Trouble comes because of the Word that God gave you concerning your future. You’re not facing trouble because God is angry with you. It’s the enemy that is not happy with you and he’s not happy because YOU HAVE A WORD!

The enemy knows that the Word you have heard from God, regarding your life, is on an important assignment in your life. He knows that God’s Word is on an important mission in your life. That’s why he brought trouble your way…he is trying to get you to be offended…He is trying to get you to become displeased, indignant & resentful.

To be displeased is to feel annoyed! That’s what the enemy is after…the enemy want you to get annoyed at God! To feel annoyed at your friend…to get annoyed at everything. Yes you had some trouble at Work…but the enemy wants you to come home and take it out on the kids! He wants to poison your house with offence…with displeasure.

He wants you to become indignant and resentful…to be indignant and resentful is to feel or show anger particularly because you feel you have been treated unfairly.You feel like someone has done you wrong, so they have to pay!

It’s time to dump the offence. Forgive, let it go! You will be healed if you give up the right to be offended. Offence is related to bitterness and bitterness rots the bones!

I know what they did to you was horrible, and it shouldn’t have happened to you…but if you are going to get what God has for you…you will have to let it go.


One of the best lessons I have learnt is that God is good at what He does. He sees everything and he knows everything. You can afford to leave it all in his hands.

Some times we are more interested in being right…we love the fact that we are right and they are wrong, so we hold on to our right to be right and we hold the people in our jails until they apologise! The problem with that is that you have taken the place of God because you are the one to decide when they have done enough to be forgiven for what they did to you!

The problem is whilst you are waiting for them to perform before you forgive them, you are harbouring bitterness…you are keeping anger in your bosom

Do not be quick in spirit to be angry or vexed, for anger and vexation lodge in the bosom of fools. [James 1:19, 20.] (Ecclesiastes 7:9 AMP)

Being right is overrated. Make a decision to let it go in your heart first. The Word of God has come to do somethings in your life. However, as long as you are holding on to your right to be offended, you are submitting to the offence and subjecting yourself the opportunity to become a product of that offence.

I pray you find the strength and courage to let go of that offence. I pray that you become more aware of God’s mission in your life than you are of that offence. I pray that you are set free today from the trap of offence.



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