Why did God choose me to lead?

Have you ever wondered why you were called to lead those you’re leading? Particularly when it comes to the things of God?

Check out this scripture in 2 Chronicles 2:11


Notice why God made Solomon king…because He (God) loves His people! God chose you to lead that department, that church, that connect group, those young people, because He loves them!!

You being a leader is not about you or even the people you lead! It’s all because God loves the people you lead that He chose you to lead them!

Our job as those leading God’s people is to love them because God loves them. This means you don’t need a reason from them in order for you to love them. This means we treat the people with great care. This means we seek their highest good in all things at all times. This means we put our trust in God to provide the wisdom, skill and resources to serve the people.

I pray you never lose sight of the fact that you are called to lead those people because of God’s love for them.

I pray you never fall into the temptation of being more concerned about yourself than you are about the people.

I pray you find the courage to trust that God’s love for you will protect, preserve and keep you as you serve God’s beloved with all you are.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Power message my friend, that is so powerful, pointed and so true. It’s not about the leader, God can raise anyone, it’s about him and his love for his people. Amen

    1. chidogideon says:

      Yes Sir! Hope you and the family are keeping well.

      1. We are well, between the Dr Ramsons updates, the El Shaddai family updates and this blog, we are not starved at all. We are living vicariously through you guys lol

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