Every one has great God given gifts in them. God develops these gifts at different “Stations” in life – e.g. School, church, work place, relationships etc.

Irrespective of how gifted you are, your faithfulness to the “station” (not primarily to your gift) determines the rate of development of your gift.

Faithfulness to developing your gift will take you places. But if you will learn to be more faithful to the “stations” we find ourselves in on the journey of life, you will progress even further.

I encourage you to be faithful to the place you find yourself in right now. Honour that station, keep your word at that station, speak well of that station, say what God says about that station. God will use every circumstance you face at your CURRENT station to develop your gift.

You are greater than you think. If you prioritise faithfulness, you will begin to experience who you can truly be.

Happy Thursday!


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