Don’t pray for Boston alone. Pray for all nations.

Today I join my prayers with millions of people around the World who are praying for those affected in the Boston tragedy. At times like this prayer is probably the most apt thing to do because we come face to face with 2 sides of our humanity:

1) the depravity of the Human nature as demonstrated by those who did the bombing. As much as we would like to think that these people are not human, the truth is THEY ARE! Sadly, they their actions demonstrate how depraved we as human beings can be.
2) the helpless state of humanity. Those affected in these bombings were just having a normal day like you and I. But somehow they have been caught up in that, naturally speaking, they couldn’t have helped.

Praying is the apt thing to do because we are referring to a God who sees and understands all things and all people. Praying is the apt thing to do because God, through His son Jesus Christ provides us with the only real solace for the distress we experience when we confront these 2 sides of our humanity.

As you pray for Boston, remember Nigeria in your prayers where over 20 people were killed in a bomb blast just a month ago! Remember Afghanistan where these bomb blasts appear to be a regular occurrence that we could/have become desensitised to. As you pray for Boston pray for all nations of the earth because everyday, people just like you and I are forced to confront the depravity & helplessness of our humanity.

Whatever you face today, however distressing it might be, I pray that you are introduced to the person of Jesus who through what He did when He walked the earth gives us access to God, the real source of true solace. God is not demanding a list of things from you, He is only asking that you believe that Jesus is who He said He is, the ONLY saviour and hope of humanity. Everything eventually adds up when you have a real relationship (not a religion) with the real God, through His real son Jesus.



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  1. dwdj05 says:

    Amen! Much needed post. Its easy to be tempted to focus on what the media focus’ on the most while neglecting prayer for everyone else! God Bless you!

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