This is what I have found…

As it was my birthday earlier this week, I thought to it good to outline what I have found out about God all these years…

I have found His love too deep to measure, His mercy & kindness too generous comprehend. I have found His grace to be without comparison. I have found His ability to forgive, His patience and His goodness to be too good for my natural mind to compute. I have found that I literally need faith to begin to comprehend Him.

I have found that He is so God, that He behaves like God! For example, I have a deadline to meet, and so I begin to talk to Him about it months in advance…you know, because I’m a reasonable son and I like to give my father enough time to make the necessary arrangement to meet MY deadline…He hears me immediately I pray (1 John 5:14)…yet He sometimes chooses to show up after MY deadline…just because He is the God who exists outside of time, and the right time for my prayer to be answered is the time that He answers…even if MY deadline is passed!

I have found that He never forgets any of the promises He made to me, because when He said it, He meant to fulfill it! 

I have found that He is always my light in the darkest times, and with Him, Darkness never really lasts.

I have found that He has removed the sting from my past mistakes. He restores my soul

I have found that He is my healer and that ALL of my help comes from Him. I have found that He is the reason for my confidence

I have found that He causes me to prosper at every level…without apologies! I have also found that He prefers that I receive whatever I need from Him without apologies!

I have found that He leads me to find GOOOOOOD 😉

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I have learnt that to Trust God is to abandon the process as well as the result to Him…whilst keeping my attention firmly fixed on His Word…

These are a few things I have PERSONALLY found out about the God of Heaven…Jehovah.

Today I pray that He cause you to have a PERSONAL experience of Him…

Take care



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  1. Mirjam says:

    What an awesome testimony! Thanks for sharing.

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