The Running Generation…

Habakkuk 2:2 – And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, so he may run that reads it

We need words, spoken & written words to communicate a vision. We need words to clarify a vision. We can only run with a vision that has been communicated effectively, continuously & clearly.

One of the most dangerous vision killers (in my humble opinion) is the “all talk and no action” syndrome. When a vision is communicated, and a vision is caught, it is to be passed on to anyone who would hear! However the real power of a vision is in running with a vision. Continuously talking about a vision is absolutely imperative, but it is not enough to make the vision a reality. Continuously looking for effective ways to communicate a vision is non-negotiable, but it is not the same as running with a vision! In fact the reason we communicate the vision is so that we can run with the vision.

Any cause that has more people talking about the vision than it has people running with the vision, will eventually stagnate and then fizzle out because talk alone does not produce results. Where there are no results, frustration sets in. Where there is frustration, it’s only a matter of time before you give up.

I say all of that to say this…ITS TIME TO RUN WITH THE VISION! If you are a christian, it’s time to do the Word at every opportunity you get! These are not times to just talk about the Word, it’s time to do the Word! If you belong to a local church (every christian should), these are not times to just talk about how great your church is, or just criticize your church and it’s leaders. These are times to go past your choking point in serving the vision of your local church. These are times to continue asking yourself, what is my part in vision? What does running with this vision look like today? Running with the vision might look like teaching the kids, it might look like cleaning the toilets, it might mean preaching the Word. Running with the vision might look like giving financially, it might look like serving in the car park.

Unfortunately I believe that most of us are happier to talk about the vision than we are to run with the vision. I am choosing to be that generation that runs hard with the vision. My faith is that by the time I am done here on this earth, there will be no doubt about what I believed and what I gave my life for. There will be no doubt about what I spent the strength of my youth on, and the wisdom of my old age on. There will be no doubt about what I spent my wealth & health on. I choose to be the generation that talks about the vision, but most importantly I choose to be the generation that runs with the vision!

The best part about making choices like this is that we know that we are able to do all things…through Christ! Jesus envisions us & empowers us!

Today I’m calling out to the running generation…RUN FOREST RUN!!



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  1. pmnyama12 says:

    Amen! So true, this is powerfull.

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