Be Authentic!

Genesis 15:1 – After these things the Word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision: “Fear not Abram, I am your shield;…Genesis 17:1 – When Abram was ninety-nine years old the Lord appeared to Abram and said to him, “I am God Almighty;…”

Anytime God introduces Himself to us, He is simply saying it is important that everything I am saying to you, is received with serious consideration of who I am. In Genesis 15 God is saying to Abram,  the reason you are not to be afraid is because I am your shield! In Genesis 17 God is saying although what I’m about to tell you Abram seems impossible, please receive it on the basis of who I am…El-Shaddai…THE ALMIGHTY GOD…that’s who’s talking to you.

If we can see and relate to God on the basis of who He really is, we will have a real experience of Him. Unfortunately most of us want to relate to God on the basis of who we want Him to be. We also go to Him on the basis of who we think He wants us to be. This means that most people end up in a relationship with God that isn’t authentic.

One of the things I love about God is that He is who He is, without any apologies! I also love the fact that He expects me to be me without any apologies. He expects me to come to Him as me (in Jesus of Course), not as someone else. I don’t have to speak fancy words or know all the religious jargon to come to Him. I can come to Him exactly as I am!

Did you know that it was YOU Jesus died for? It wasn’t the person you are trying to be that He died for, it was YOU! Did you know that God wants a personal relationship with YOU…just as you are right now! The promises of God, His call on your life, the power of God is reserved for the authentic YOU!

Most people will only have a relationship with you if you are who they want you to be. God want’s to have a relationship with you, just as you are right now! When we learn to come to God just as we are, we expose ourselves to the power in invested in who He is. This power then transforms us into the person that we are supposed to be.

The best relationships are those relationships in which each participant is authentically themselves!

It’s time to put away the phoniness, it will never lead to an authentic relationship with God or with other people. It’s time to accept God just as He is. It’s time to come to God just as you are…it’s YOU He wants. It’s the real YOU that the promises of God awaits.

Be dedicated authenticity!



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